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Leadership and Business Management

Leadership is the ability to energize and create enthusiasm in order to realize a mission and vision. A leader is someone who can set a challenging and meaningful goal and cause people to act together to realize that goal. People with leadership skills have the ability to motivate those around them to invest an extended effort in striving to achieve a mission. It is the task of the leader to empower his people and create a challenging environment, which enables them to do their utmost, and in some cases, to even transcend the limits of their ability.

Today’s business world is more dynamic than ever. It requires executives to constantly deal with a changing reality, be flexible and innovating. The ability to do so is dependent on the executive’s constant personal development: create clarity regarding his values and leadership and managerial backbone, become familiar and develop awareness of his own abilities and limitations, develop curiosity and the ability to learn constantly – from his surroundings, employees, partners, and competitors – and the ability to create a similar environment for his employees.

We help organizations plan, build and administer programs for the development of leadership and managerial talent, including the identification and development of a personal leadership style, motivating employees, managerial communications and feedback, decision-making processes, team formation and management, mentoring, planning work and managing projects, and development and implementation of organizational learning processes. Our work integrates learning and in-depth understanding of academic knowledge with practical and focused action in day-to-day management.