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Dr. Gilad Arnon
Psychologist and Organizational Consultant

Dr. Arnon holds a PhD in Psychology from Bar Ilan University  and an MA in Clinical Psychology from Tel Aviv University. He has over twenty years of experience in business psychology, academic teaching, consultation for senior executives, development of management and service methodologies, training and instilling skills, and guiding the assimilation of conceptual, structural, and procedural changes for some of Israel’s leading organizations.

Vered Meron
Organizational Consultant and Industrial Engineer

Vered holds an MBA, majoring in Organizational Behavior from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.  She is a graduate of a Group Facilitation Program at Tel Aviv University. She has many years of experience in working with companies and organizations from all economic sectors. Her experience covers organizational development, guiding organizational change processes, facilitating thought processes, and consultation in information and knowledge organization. In recent years, she has acquired extensive experience in working with local authorities.

Meital Eliezer
Organizational Consultant

Metial holds an MA in Consultation and Organizational Development from the College of Management and an MS in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College.  She specializes in the delicate integration of technology and consultation, assimilating information systems in organizations, organizational and strategic development processes, providing advice in organizational and system-wide change processes, assimilating service improvement processes, and developing and advising executives.  She has many years of experience working in the high tech world in various technological and executive positions, including positions in development, team management, project management, and business development.

Roni Shaham-Ronen
Organizational Consultant

Roni holds an MA in Consultation and Organizational Development from the College of Management and a BA in Economics and East Asian Studies from Tel Aviv University. To the consulting world she brings experience in filling management positions in the data systems, projects and purchasing fields. She specializes in leading cross-organizational change processes, mentoring managers, developing teams and facilitating workshops for the development of management skills, personal empowerment and interpersonal communication.

Hagit Even-Tsur
Organizational Consultant

Hagit holds an MBA from the College of Management and a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has experience in strategic and business consultation, providing in-depth advice for senior executives, and facilitating and advising groups in management and service.

Ifat Yeari
Organizational Consultant

Ifat holds B.A in Psychology and Communication from Haifa University and M.A in Organizational Psychology from the Technicon. With vast experience as an Organizational Consultant in Israel and abroad, Ifat brings in-depth knowledge and expertise in organizational domains such as change management, team building, leadership development and more. She also has a unique experience in managing in a complex global work environment.

Liat Levi
Organizational Consultant

Liat holds an MA in Consultation and Organizational Development from the College of Management and a BA in Statistics from the University of Haifa. Liat She trains groups, mostly in services and sales, advises and instructs executives and employees in skills improvement processes, and in assimilating processes of change in organizations.

Liraz Peretz
Organizational Consultant

MA in Organizational Consulting and Development, specializing in strategic consulting from the academic program of the College of Management; BA in Social Work from Tel Aviv University. Liraz is experienced in leading and integrating cross-organizational change processes, developing and guiding programs for managers, mentoring and personal consulting of managers, developing training sessions and facilitating soft skill workshops for improving performance and business results.

Vered Lissak
Organizational Consultant

B.A. in Business Administration, majoring in organizational consulting.  Vered has managerial and training experience in a wide range of service organizations. She specializes in assisting organizations in designing customer experiences by integrating a comprehensive service concept throughout the organization, while cracking the moments of truth between the organization and the customer, and working systemically on all the factors affecting the end experience. Vered has expertise in training managers and employees, motivating and and providing tools for motivation and enthusiasm with the skills required and in creating organization-wide commitment to meeting goals.

Sigal Feldman
Industrial Engineer

Sigal holds an MA in Organizational Sociology from Bar Ilan University and a BA in Industrial Engineering from the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.  She has managed organization and methods departments in leading organizations in the Israeli economy. Sigal in defining work processes, constructing models for streamlining and improvement of operating profit, standardization, salary, and remuneration models.

Micky Manzurola
Organizational Psychologist

Holds a MA in organizational-occupational psychology, and a BA in psychology and theater, from Haifa University. Specializing in employment and positive psychology. Lecturer at Ben-Gurion University.  Assists in development and personal empowerment processes, focusing on strengths and developing a positive approach to life and workplace.

Shani Havar
Industrial Management Engineer

Shani holds a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification and a B. Tech in Industrial Management Engineering from the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.  Shani specialize in Improving organizational work processes and formulation of work procedures, preparing annual work plans and monitoring their implementation; putting in place a methodology for ongoing work on budget-related work programs, analysis of the data, building KPI systems and connecting reports to management, guiding senior managers in organizational efficiency processes.

Yael Nussbaum-Cohen
Associate – Organizational Consultant

MBA in Business Administration, specializing in management, consulting and human resources from the College of Management; BA in Human Services, Sociology and Anthropology from Haifa University. She has extensive experience in filling management positions and in leading cross-organizational projects. As an organizational consultant, she specializes in guiding managers, defining and assimilating management routines and skills, enhancing employee skills, improving customer experience, structuring and assimilating work processes and conducting specific workshops for employees according to the organization’s needs.

Ze’ev Arieli
Organizational Psychologist

Ze’ev holds an M.A. in Psychology from Bar-Ilan University and a B.A. in Bahavioral Sciences from Ben-Gurion University. Over the past 20 years, held various positions of an internal and external OD consultant. Worked for Intel, Teva and Thermo-Fisher Scientific as an HR manager, training manager and HRBP. As an external OD consultant, specializes in executive coaching, leadership development programs, team and inter-team development activities, employee evaluation processes and M&A.

Emanuel Alter
Consultant and Mentor

Emanuel holds MA in Public Policy and a BA in the Humanities from Tel Aviv University as well as a graduate of several training courses in management and consulting. Held senior management positions in the public sector for many years. He guides formulation and assimilation processes involving organizational structures, interfaces and work processes, job definitions as well as management skills mentoring, such as motivation, feedback, evaluation, incentivization and rewards, working according to goals and indexes, writing and implementation of work plans, etc.

Keren Rauch
Organizational Consultant

Keren holds an MBA, majoring in Organizational Consultancy, and a BA in Behavioral Science, Management and Human Resources from the College of Management.  She graduated a course in group facilitation,  and has extensive experience in facilitation, consultation, advising, and development of executives and teams.   She specializes in formulating and facilitating leadership development processes for personal and executive effectiveness.

Carmit Adler
Organizational Consultant

MA in Organizational Sociology from Bar Ilan University and a BA in Psychology from Haifa University. Carmit has extensive experience in the development of learning, assimilation, guidance and training solutions for a wide spectrum of positions. She devises cross-organizational learning methodologies, which include changing organizational perceptions and culture, imparting skills and establishing learning and work routines to enhance performance and promote organizational goals.  She guides personal and organizational change processes from the diagnostic stage to full integration.

Rennana Ben-Dror
Digital Process Integration Consultant

Holds a B.A. in Communications from Tel Aviv University. Rennana has over ten years of experience in management and leading horizontal Internet and digital content projects in large public organizations.  Specializes in organizational knowledge management, setup and integration of organizational data flow infrastructure and development of multi-channel service processes.

Yeri Fishman
Associate – Senior Psychologist

Yeri holds an MA in Psychology from Bar Ilan University. He has over twenty years experience in applied psychology, academic teaching, and system-wide and personal handling of processes of change and crisis situations.  Yeri has extensive expertise and experience in instruction and consultation in processes of influencing, persuasion, negotiating, and conflict resolution.

Yonat Ephod
Administrative Director

Shiran coordinates and organizes the company’s activity and manages its customer service.She deserves the credit for the smooth and pleasant operation of our firm!