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Change Management

Economic, technological and social changes combined with tough competition require business enterprises to perpetually reinvent themselves, Sometomes while changing their organizational identity and their core business.  The key to successfully leading change is committed and bold leadership, which incorporates in its management an understanding of system-wide, business, operational and human processes.

We provide advisory services to organizations in leading change:  conceptualization and planning of the process, identifying and analyzing the consequences of the change from various organizational and behavioral perspectives, communicating the change within the organization, and advising on the implementation and assimilation of the change at every organizational level.  Special emphasis is placed on dealing with opposition and anxieties, and gaining people’s support for the strategy.  We also help organizations to plan and implement how to convey the change to their customers.

Guiding companies undergoing strategic-business processes, such as mergers, acquisitions, and the entry of a new competitor

The entry of a new competitor into the market, financial crises, privatization processes, a merger or acquisition, sudden changes in the products market, and accelerated growth within a short time span are events particularly challenging to management.  These changes and crises call for system-wide measures in dealing with customers, employees, and owners. We help executives to prepare for and manage changes, transformations and crises.  This includes analyzing the business map, identifying immediate actions that should be taken, formulating a strategy for dealing with the situation, delivering appropriate messages to the employees, adopting leadership measures, and making prudent decisions on how to manage and communicate the process, while preserving the company’s public image and its marketing and public relation assets.