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Leadership and Public Management

Management in the public sector has been undergoing exciting changes in recent years, including the influx of many new top notch executives, together with the promotion of talented veteran executives who have risen through the ranks of the organizations themselves.

Executives in the public sector face unique challenges: labor relationships do not always provide the managerial flexibility that exists in business organizations, and it is therefore important to equip the executives with effective managerial tools tailored to their work environment. The lack of competition; limited flexibility in remuneration, incentives, and personnel mobility or having to deal with internal politics sometimes weigh down on the organization, and executives spend a great deal of their time on these problems. Furthermore, public organizations are sometimes subject to political influences and the replacement of elected officials, and are exposed to criticism from the media and the public through social media, among other channels. Executives need to understand the organizational complexity and the ability to navigate in it, while meeting standards of professionalism and proper administration.

We structure personal and group executive development programs which take into account the management level, seniority in the organization and the professional field. In these processes, we assist executives of junior ranks to understand the transition from employer to manager, create a feeling of capability, plan initial measures as executives, and gain basic managerial skills. We advise executives taking on new positions in their absorption and orientation process in the organization. We expose new executives, who rose from the ranks of the organization, to other organizations as a source for learning and regeneration, and assist executives who came from outside the organization to understand the organizational culture in which they operate, while preserving the strengths they bring with them from previous positions and organizations. We emphasize the executive’s role as a motivator as well as the importance of continual learning and providing the tools for it.

The programs deal with such topics as management and leadership, identifying and developing a personal leadership style, motivating employees, managerial communications and feedback, decision-making processes, assembling and managing a team, mentoring, measuring, control and feedback as managerial tools, planning work and managing projects, and development and implementation of organizational learning processes. Our work integrates learning and in-depth understanding of academic knowledge with practical and focused action in day-to-day management.