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Training and Learning

In an ever-changing and complex world, training and strengthening the learning culture is key to the organization’s ability to maintain a constant tension of performance, professionalism, and excellence. Our work includes developing a range of learning and training processes:

Training and programs for assimilating strategy, values, and organizational culture, for creating uniformity in organizational terminology and messages delivered through internal and external interfaces.
A range of programs for leadership and managerial development in various formats, including individual and group training, learning visits to other companies, case analysis, carrying out an individual project, and experiential field workshops.

Learning soft skills and supporting tools for improving performance and increasing profits. We develop training courses covering various subjects: strategy, management styles, service, sales, interpersonal communications, persuasion and influence, negotiation management, decision-making, etc.
Development of career tracks and personal development programs which give employees added value, thereby helping to retain the organization’s valuable human capital.

We specialize in devising instructional and training development processes, from the stage of pinpointing needs to adapting instructional methods to the learning needs, and ending with the assimilation of processes and tools for evaluating the learning.

We use a variety of creative and other learning methods and systems for (blended learning) to maximize the learning results and achieve its goals.  The learning processes combine frontal instruction, simulations and case analyses, appreciative inquiry processes, event analyses, instruction and practice, on-the-job training and learning from colleagues, organizational games, field exercises in various theaters, marine, ODT – a combination of theatrical tools and work with actors, etc. We train in-house instructors, improvement teams and managers to give training programs developed by us and to lead learning processes within the organization.  This is with the aim  of supporting a learning culture in the organization and to make instruction an integral part of the job of every executive and employee in the organization.